With the annual major HP Innovate in-person event unable to occur in 2020 due to the emergence of Covid, HP came to us for ideas on how to turn this into an online event.

We pitched the idea of an online series of webinars, moving beyond the then ubiquitous ‘Zoom’ format, to a fully ‘broadcast-quality’ look and feel. After creating an interactive live studio space, fully branded online registration system, and full graphics design suite, HP Innovate 2020 launched in June 2020, with 20 unique sessions over three months being broadcast live twice weekly.

A wide variety of formats were used over the 20 sessions, including live in-studio product demonstrations, keynote interviews, ‘chat show’ style discussions, and international multi-speaker presentations spanning 5 timezones.

Virtual Event Series
Full virtual event production

“The Type 40 team brought a level of professionalism and innovative technology that allowed us to showcase our products and services virtually like never before. The studio setup… has literally proven to be gold standard in the HP World. I am now fending off queries on Type 40 from other countries, we need them here!”

– Kim McKay
Channel Marketing Manager, HP